A downloadable game for Android

A quick game I made for Ryan Evans Simple Jam.

The rules of the jam were to make a game consisting of less than 5 rules and 5 assets.

This project was the first time I participated in a game jam and it was a blast! It was fun to make and having constraints really helped speed things along by not having to focus on asset creation or any additional gameplay mechanics.

The gameplay of Cube Shuffle is simple: Tap either left or right on the screen to move in that direction. Avoid falling lines and try to collect lines of the same color as your cube to score points! Beware, after scoring a point your cube's color will change.

The game is endless, so try to stay alive as long as you can.

The game was made using Unity 5.

I would love to hear your feedback on what you liked and what you thought could have been better, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for playing!

Install instructions

Install the APK and Play!


CubeShuffle_ANDROID 19 MB

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